Early years teachers in the Netherlands are asking for equal pay

Primary school teachers are making a push for salary that is comparable to their counterparts in secondary schools. According to the manifesto developed by PO in Actie, teachers are asking for a decrease in workload and an increase in salary.

In the Netherlands, primary school includes ages 3-12. Those who are pushing this campaign make note of the fact that teachers at both levels are required to complete a college course.

Thijs Roovers of PO in Actie, and a primary school teacher in Amsterdam, mentions the extra time that primary school teachers put in to their work "There is a lot of hidden input. Teachers go to performances with their class in the evening, they come to school on their day off. That says something about the mentality. But there must be a fair salary in return."

Other organizations joining the charge include, Education union AOb and the umbrella organization for primary education PO Raad. The PO Raad stresses the fact that salary increases are essential as the Netherlands faces a teacher shortage. While AOb makes it clear that this is not a new call and that teachers have been fighting for this change for long enough.

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