Quality through Professionalisation: Local Evaluation of the Tallaght National Early Years Access Initiative

Quality and professionalisation

Five preschools were invited to participate in the local evaluation of the Tallaght NEYAI, all 5 agreed to take part. It was essential that all early years educators participating in the training were HighScope trained. The geographical spread of the preschools focused on Tallaght in South County Dublin. Each of the five preschools were individually managed by a manager. One preschool withdrew from the project in May 2014 due to the closure of the service.
The evaluation approach focused on the following broad areas of investigation:
1. Conducting a profile analysis of the preschools involved in the programme
2. Conducting an investigation of the impact of the Tallaght NEYAI on the early years educators
3. Assessing the quality of provision within 4 of the participating services post-training delivery
4. Conducting a process evaluation investigating the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and maintenance of the training programme