Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool and User's Guide

Mounting evidence on the positive link between early childhood development (ECD) services and the physical, social, and cognitive development of young children has encouraged governments, development partners, and families to invest more in the early years. Despite a growing body of knowledge on the importance of the early childhood workforce as a key component of quality services, there remains a lack of basic data on factors such as the qualifications of personnel, their pay experiences and training levels, and the availability of support staff.

Under the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative, Results for Development (R4D) and the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) carried out key informant interviews (KIIs) across 15 countries in diverse regions to learn about country priorities around the early childhood workforce, promising approaches to supporting the workforce, current data gaps, and interest in piloting a needs assessment tool. The interviews reinforced the fact that government officials and program managers lack access to basic data on the workforce and desire additional information that captures experiences across levels of government. Such lack of information prevents policymakers and managers from identifying and diagnosing gaps in the workforce that could inform future policies and programming.

In response to these data needs, R4D and ISSA developed a needs assessment tool to support policymakers responsible for policy planning and personnel management of ECD programs around the early childhood workforce. The Tool focuses particularly on personnel supporting home visiting programs delivered across sectors for pregnant mothers and caregivers with children under 3.

The recently produced User Guide provides guidance on the implementation of the Tool and completes a package 
containing the Tool, supporting materials, handouts and annexes. It is easy to download, translate and adapt to your context. Find out what is inside the Tool and it's User's Guide below.

Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool

The Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool, which is available in 6 languages, is intended for countries interested in assessing existing home visiting programs or starting new ones. This Tool is highly adaptable to various contexts and can be used at sub-national or national levels.

What's inside?

- 7 Key Focus Areas

- Goals and measures specific to each Area

- Guiding quesitons intended to help prioritize areas for attention

- Designated writing space for reflections


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User's Guide

The User's Guide lays out the steps needed to prepare for the application of the Tool, organize and facilitate a workshop with stakeholders at both the national and sub-national levels, and take action on findings generated from the workshop.

What's inside?

- An overview of the Tool

- Tips and highlights from the pilots in Bulgaria and Kenya

- Guidance on the 4-phase implementation process

- 11 editable annexes to help you translate and adapt the Tool to your context


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