The plight of the ECD workforce: An urgent call for relief in the wake of COVID-19

This report which was issued by BRIDGE, Ilifa Labantwana, National ECD Alliance (NECDA), the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Smartstart and the South African Congress for Early Childhood Development (SACECD), is based on a survey of 3,952 ECD operators in South Africa conducted in mid-April 2020.

In line with government’s concern for lives and livelihoods, the organizations that issued the report believe that support needs to be offered to ECD operators owing to the circumstances they find themselves in due to COVID-19. The report constitues a proposal that requests government to appropriately assist ECD workforce during this precarious time of COVID-19.

After presenting the reasons why ECD operators should be accommodated in relief interventions and the impact on ECD operators' sustainability, caregivers and children, two possible interventions that the state can take to support the ECD sector during this time are presented: 1) Support to the ECD workforce to offset their loss in income and 2) Support to ECD operators due to loss of income from reduced fee payment.

Download the report. 

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