SEEPRO-R provides 30 new reports for ECEC workforce

We’re sharing a brand new resource for early childhood teacher educators in higher and vocational education, national and local government administrations, employers/service providers in the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) field, researchers and early years practitioners.

The SEEPRO project has recently been revamped. SEEPRO presented 27 country profiles and a cross-national analysis of key features of the early childhood workforce. The new project, titled SEEPRO-R, updated and extended existing country profiles created by SEEPRO. SEEPRO-R now introduces 30 updated profiles in English and German.

You can find the following information on the SEEPRO-R website:

30 Workforce Profiles
Also called “Country Reports” these documents update readers on the current qualification requirements for early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals, on the composition of the workforce, on the systems of initial professional education and professional development, on current reform initiatives and research projects, as well as on the working conditions of staff.

30 Key Contextual Data reports
These country-specific background synopses provide information about the main features of ECEC systems in the countries involved. Demographic data is also included.

Read more about the project rationale, aims, design and research here.