Shining a light on integrated services

February 28, 2018

Health, education, a safe and stimulating environment at home and in public spaces…none of these is more important than the other…”

Though young children need holistic education and care there is misalignment and overlap among various services children receive. Systems that integrate services are better able to coordinate in order to better address the complex problems that face children and their families.

Recently, ISSA’s Program Director, Mihaela Ionescu was interviewed by the Primeros Pasos blog regarding the integrated services approach. The discussion emphasized the need for multi-sectorial, integrated interventions that enable nurturing environments and adopt an individual-child and family perspective.

You can read the full interview here.

Integrated Services Supporting the Early Childhood Workforce

To learn more about integrated services, the barriers to making this approach work, the crucial role of the workforce and the leadership and the opportunities that it can create for the outcomes of young children listen to the webinar "Challenges and opportunities in integrating early years services: a spotlight on the workforce" by clicking on the image.