Missing Information Hampers Policymaking for Young Children

Given early educators’ critical role in children’s early learning and development, experts are urging significant policy shifts and substantial new investments to revamp how teachers, leaders, and other professionals working with young children are prepared, supported, and compensated. These changes signal a growing understanding that the well-being and skill of this workforce is key to children’s learning. This blog was originally posted on the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment website on May 7, 2018. Read more >>

How can the early childhood workforce foster nurturing care?

This year’s World Health Assembly marked a turning point for young children around the world with the launch of the Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development Framework. The framework provides both a call to action for governments and other stakeholders to invest in early childhood development and an emerging roadmap for how to do so. Read more >>
early childhood workforce nurturing care

Teacher well-being is a critical and often overlooked part of school health

Relative to professionals in other sectors, educators experience significantly more stress and suffer more often from mental health problems. Failing to address the mental health needs of teachers (concurrent with our focus on student stress and trauma) may affect their ability to address critical needs among students. Read more >>
Teacher well-being is a critical and often overlooked part of school health