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Strengthening the early childhood workforce: challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region


Evidence clearly shows the impact of early childhood workforce quality on young children’s learning and development outcomes. However, lack of professionals in this field (particularly in the low-middle income countries), lack of formal recognition, inadequate trainings and the absence of concrete standards in terms of qualifications, remunerations, and certification for the workforce, are among the critical areas of concern for ensuring good quality ECCE across the Asia-Pacific region.

Advancing country efforts for early childhood workforce development: the Home Visiting Workforce Need Assessment Tool


Mounting evidence on the positive link between early childhood development (ECD) services and the physical, social, and cognitive development of young children has encouraged governments, development partners, and families to invest more in the early years. Despite a growing body of knowledge on the importance of the early childhood workforce as a key component of quality services, there remains a lack of basic data on factors such as the qualifications of personnel, their pay experiences and training levels, and the availability of support staff.

Monitoring & Mentoring
Recognition of the Profession
Training & Professional Development
Competences & Standards

A Spotlight on the Working Conditions of the Early Childhood Workforce


In many countries around the world, the early childhood workforce often experiences poor recognition for their work which translates to lower wages and qualifications, fewer opportunities for career development and inadequate professional development, in comparison with other professionals working to support older children and adults.

Recognition of the Profession

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