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Regular, interactive webinars give those working in the ECD field an opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and learn from the knowledge and experience of experts.

This date of this webinar has passed. Please find the recording below. Competences and standards affect the professionalization of the workforce, the relevance of their initial training and continuous professional development, of mentoring, of monitoring and evaluation, and their improvement efforts. They can have a significant impact on those who work directly with young children and their…
This date of this webinar has passed. Please find the recording below. Adopting multi-sectoral approaches in the early years, which integrate parenting support, nutrition, health, social protection, child protection, and education, is widely recognised as the way forward to meet global challenges. Multifaceted problems require both multiple as well as aligned and well-coordinated interventions.…
This date of this webinar has passed. Please find the recording below. ISSA and R4D, in partnership with ICDI, are glad to announce a new webinar series in the framework of the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative. This webinar puts the spotlight on the notion of early childhood practice being political, and on early years practitioners as activists and change agents. In an interactive format we…
Today, there is a growing interest on the part of governments and other institutions to make large investments in the early years. However, many well-intentioned initiatives designed to support the health and development of young children struggle to move beyond the pilot or project stage. A critical factor in delivering quality services for young children is the quality of the workforce involved…
12-07-2016, 13-07-2016
This date of these webinars has passed. Please find the recordings below. This webinar provides a platform for discussing the identity of the early childhood workforce and how this impacts on early childhood policies and practices and the recognition of the early childhood profession. How can public policy reflect the science and common understanding of early childhood development needs across…