Voices from the Field

Voices from the Field is a series focused on the voices of members of the early childhood workforce from around the world.

These articles highlight how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted those working in early childhood services across sectors. By capturing different voices of the early childhood workforce and sharing their perspectives, Voices from the Field gives insight into the challenges faced across the globe.

There is so much to learn from them. We hope you welcome this as an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate their resilience, care, commitment, and professionalism.

Are you a member of the early childhood workforce? Raise your voice, share your experience here!

Line Alvheim Elmore, Norway
My message to colleagues around the world: We are the voice of the children; we have to be adamant not to compromise on that, no matter what the situation is.

Line is not only a pedagogical leader (kindergarten teacher) and special education teacher, she is also a union representative for 67 kindergartens and their pedagogical staff. 

She tells us how important the cooperation with the union has been during this time and how they have worked tirelessly to get the government and the general public to understand how important it is for the pedagogical staff to remain child focused and remove non-essential tasks during this period of time.

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Dr. Shafraz Kazia, Kenya



Iris Lim, Singapore 

"We see you. We see your pain. You are doing your best to protect yourself and save lives in dire circumstances."

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Be open, embrace the unknown!


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Khin May Tun Chit, Myammar

Netali Zamir, Israel


"Try to make use of challenging times in positive ways, so that we can increase our resilience" 


"Move your body, remember to breathe, and act with love."

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Radha Pandey, India 

Laxmi Roka, India


"The situation is challenging, and it will be so for a while. We need to find ways so that we can continue working during these times also."


"We need to stay connected and work together. We need to learn from each other to think about new strategies to help reach more vulnerable children and communities."


Sunita Rawat, India

Gehleigbe Bobson Bleh, Liberia



"Stay safe and stay strong. This time will pass, and we will soon be able to meet and do activities freely."


I would like to tell my colleagues that, in spite of the mandate to stay home or lockdown, children create their own learning activities with whatever materials they see around them."