Michelle Neuman and Tomi Oyedele
Michelle Neuman and Tomi Oyedele discuss the global challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified early childhood workers.
Quality preschool starts with supporting teachers
BLOG: This World Teachers' Day we share insights for decision makers to strengthen the roles of early years teachers.
Improving the quality of preschool programs starts with supporting teachers
Finding ways to better position and support preschool teachers, who are at the core of the system, is crucial to addressing these challenges. Here are some insights from our study on preschool teachers in Ukraine.
Teacher well-being is a critical and often overlooked part of school health
Relative to professionals in other sectors, educators experience significantly more stress and suffer more often from mental health problems. Teacher well-being is critical and often overlooked.
Analysis – Developing the early years workforce: what does the evidence tell us?
Despite the difficulty in identifying exactly which specific qualifications and characteristics make for highly-qualified staff, both researchers and practitioners tend to agree that a highly qualified workforce is crucial for high-quality provision.
Reflections from the AfECN Conference
BLOG: Strengthening the Workforce’s Role in ECD. A personal account of the energetic and inspiring AfECN Conference in Nairobi.
Hand-picked resources: competences & standards
We take a look at the most read resources under the filter Competences & Standards on our Knowledge Hub.