Representatives come together focused on the workforce

The Global Early Childhood Workforce Meeting, organized under the Early Childhood Workforce Initiative, brought together country delegations from 9 countries, as well as representatives of Regional Networks and civil society organizations.

The Meeting, scheduled in Washington DC, provided a platform for peer learning for countries to discuss their workforce priorities and efforts, as well as identify possible means of collaboration.

It also took a deeper look into the Home Visiting Workforce Needs Assessment Tool by sharing insights from its use in two countries and exploring ways it can be further adopted or adapted.

Learning about commonalities across sectors and contexts, participants were able share current promising approaches and challenges that impede further efforts to support the early childhood workforce.

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative will use the learnings from this meeting to determine how to best respond to some of the challenges raised and contribute to country, regional and global efforts.

Have a look at resources from the Meeting.