Sunita Rawat - Mobile Creches


Sunita Rawat

My message to colleagues around the world:
This time will pass, and we will soon be able to meet and do activities freely.

Name: Sunita Rawat
Country: India
Job title: 
Project Supervisor at Mobile Creches
Sector: Early childhood development
Child age group she works with: 
birth-12 years of age
Years of experience: 24 years


If you could send one positive message to your colleagues around the globe at these challenging times, what would it be?
My message to colleagues around the world is to stay safe and strong. This time will pass, and we will soon be able to meet and do activities freely.


If you could send one positive message to children and families/caregivers around the globe at these challenging times, what would it be?
Do not feel like you are alone! Everyone is affected by this situation. Remember that together we will overcome this situation.


What are you learning during these times as an individual and a professional?
Individually, I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion. I never had the time to do so. I was busy with work. I have also had the time to spend time with my family, and together we have adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Professionally, I am learning that even the smallest effort made for another person can significantly impact their life and bring a smile to their face. I am learning to never give up in any situation and search for solutions together with my team.

We had to talk to many people. Our nights and days have included attending many Skype and Zoom meetings. I didn't have much experience with Skype or Zoom before, so I've had to learn. In fact, I've improved so much that I even helped my colleagues who were finding it difficult to understand how to make a Skype ID!


What would you like people to know and understand about your work during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Despite being physically away from the community where we work, we were present with them over the phone. The community knew that we would understand their problems. We had many community members reaching out to us when they were in trouble. They trust us and felt assured that we would help and support them.

I want people to know that empathy is necessary and that Mobile Creches (MC) understands this well. That is why, even in this trying time, MC was able to understand the needs of the communities we work with and provide all the support to them


What concerns you the most now, and what concerns you most for the upcoming period?
We work with migrant workers, and we can see that many people have no work. They are moving back to their villages. We need to concentrate on helping them achieve more social security schemes and on advocating for their social security rights with the government. Working on mass awareness about this issue and helping the most vulnerable understand that their rights are essential.

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