Preschool education in Urkaine

Supporting the Early childhood Workforce at Scale: Preschool Education in Ukraine is released at a critical moment for early childhood services in Ukraine. Recently, policy reforms have focused on improving the quality of preschool education and encouraging inclusion in services.

Webinar recording released

Across the globe there are great disparities among countries, and within systems across sectors, on how competences and standards are defined, the role they play in professionalizing the workforce and how they contribute to strengthening the early childhood systems in countries. 

New resource on engaging young children

The early years of set the tone for a child’s future development. Wide recognition of this fact has persuaded many countries to increase the financial support for the provision to Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). Currently, dialogue has shifted from increasing access to ECEC to enhancing the quality.
US report finance ECEC workforce

New US report touches on financing ECEC workforce

The National Academy of Sciences in the United States has released a free report highlighting the fact that the way early years education and care (ECEC) is financed does little to develop the workforce that cares for the young.