The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative is a global, multi-sectoral effort to produce new knowledge and equip decision makers with tools and resources to support the development of a quality early childhood workforce at scale.

The Challenge

A growing body of evidence links well-trained and supported early childhood personnel with the achievement of positive developmental outcomes for children. Yet, despite increased interest in developing effective early childhood development systems, greater efforts are needed to strengthen the preparation and support of those working with young children and their families (e.g. home visitors, preschool staff, community health workers).

Across sectors, little is known about those working with families and very young children. Limited resources and attention constrain efforts to scale-up a quality early childhood workforce.

How we make an Impact


In order to strengthen and mobilize support for the early childhood workforce, the Initiative conducts rigorous research that provides a better understanding of the workforce, as well as their challenges and opportunities. Resources, such as our Landscape Analyses and Country Studies, offer actionable policy recommendations for supporting a quality workforce at scale.



Informed by relevant stakeholders in the field, the Initiative aims to create an easy-to-use and adaptable tool which will support policymakers and practitioners as they aim to determine progress to date, analyze gaps and prioritize future investments and actions for elevating the workforce across early childhood sectors in their countries.



Creating opportunities for stakeholders to learn from one another is a key priority for the Initiative. We bring together country representatives and diverse global experts to identify shared challenges and learn from noteworthy practices. Stakeholders participate in virtual knowledge sharing through webinars and podcasts, and by accessing tools and resources on our Knowledge Hub.



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