Recognition of the profession

Longitudinal Study of Changes in Teachers’ Views of Early Childhood Education in the USA, Russia, and Finland

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Early Childhood Education in the USA, Russia and Finland

This investigation examines changes in teachers’ views of the needs of children in early childhood education (ECE) context in the USA, Russia, and Finland over the past two decades. In addition, it focuses on the teachers’ views about their role  in  the  process  of  child-rearing  within  formal  ECE  institutions. Moreover,  the primary purpose  of documenting teachers’  views  on  children’s needs, professional work, and centre-based child care, between  these  societal contexts from 1991 and 2011, is to better understand points of comparative change.

Report on the Working Conditions of the Early Years Education and Care Sector 2017

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Working Conditions of the Early Years Education and Care Sector

The primary purpose of this report of the Joint Committee on Children and Youth Affairs is firstly, to focus attention on the poor working conditions and below average pay scales of all those working in the early years sector and, secondly, to highlight the major areas of concern currently facing the sector in both rural and urban services across all provinces.

Early Childhood Policies and Systems in Eight Countries: Findings from IEA’s Early Childhood Education Study

Colorado's Early Childhood Workforce 2020 Plan

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As Colorado continues to thrive, attracting new businesses and young professionals, the state must prioritize strategies to attract, retain, and support a strong early childhood workforce for children birth through age eight – both for the state’s growing economy and for the growing and increasingly diverse population of young children.

Voices of child care providers: an exploratory study on the impact of policy changes

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Child Care Providers

In debates about child care and early education, the voices of providers are often missing. In this article, we report fndings from a study exploring child care provider perspectives on how regulation and policy changes impact their ability to provide care. Data were collected from interviews and focus groups with home-based providers and center-based administrators (N = 55) in rural, urban and suburban New York counties.

Money, love and identity: Initial findings from the National ECEC Workforce Study

Teachers in Asia Pacific: Status and Rights

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Teachers in Asia Pacfic

This regional synthesis report is the result of collaborative efforts in conducting a research study on Asia Pacific Teachers: Status and Rights in eight countries in Asia Pacific region.

Social Status and Professional Development of Early Childhood and Preschool Teacher Profession: Sociological and Pedagogical Theoretical Frame

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Social Status, Professional Development of Early Childhood and Preschool Teacher Profession

This paper theoretically and empirically deals with the relationship between the concepts of social status and professional development of early childhood and preschool teachers’ profession, while discussing the possibility of complementing two dominantly sociological and pedagogical traditions from which they derived.

High-Quality Early Learning Settings Depend on a High-Quality Workforce: Low Compensation Undermines Quality

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